Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teeny, Tiny, Pum'kin Head

I had a lot of fun designing this one.

back of Pumpkin Hat

Once again it's for the visiting Dollzone Baby, Zoe.

Pumpkin Hat for Dollzone Baby

Of course you know that this means that I now have to make at least one for Becky and Bobby, my Realpukies, as well.

Zoe in Pumpkin Hat

The hat pattern, in Realpuki size, will be part of an eBook pattern collection offered through Ravelry.


Lubelle said...

love it! super cute. Can't wait to see what the realpuki version looks like!

Marlene said...

Thanks Lubelle. I hope to have time to work on the Realpuki sized one tonight. I was going to do it today but an Etsy sale of an item I did not realize I was low in stock for had me scrambling to do a bit of emergency sewing today! Done and mailed and now I can get back to the knitting!