Saturday, September 08, 2012

Guest Paraders

None of these dolls are mine, but they do all belong to one person. The photo was so spectacular that I asked permission to post it here on my blog.


If you have a doll, (or several dolls....or a hoard of dolls), of any sort at all, come and join us in the parade on Flickr. The only rules are that the paraders must be moving from left to right (so they don't crash into each other) and that you photograph them in front of a white background so that the entire parade has a certain continuity when viewed as a slide show


If you are a member of Den of Angels you can add your "on topic dolls" (and any of their "off topic" friends in the same picture) to the parade there too.

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Higley. said...

Wow, how interesting.
Great photographs all through your blog.