Thursday, September 06, 2012

Dolls On Parade

It's Parade Day over on Den of Angels. It started off in the Realpuki thread, but cameramen are capturing it live and it is being rebroadcast on Flickr and in the BJD Games thread on Den of Angels as well.

The parade was originally little, bitty, Becky's idea, so she was given the go ahead to start the parade rolling. Here she comes now......!

Waving joyfully to the crowd, she proudly displays her Hallmark Sidewalk Cruiser, a "Mickey Mouse Velocipede" Christmas ornament size.

Enjoying Her New Trike

Next up is her good friend, Serenity driving a brand new, Hallmark Kiddie Car Classic, the "1940 Roadster with Trailer". Behind her is Hickory Dickory driving a "Little People Zoo" truck. 

Happy Hallmark Owners 

Coming on past the camera for a second time!? Well yes, in this parade the rules state that each participant may come by the judging station as often as they find new ways to parade. (Other contestants can be seen on the Flickr thread......this cameraman seems intent on capturing Becky's smiling face.)

Benjamin Bowser, a pure bred Sculpey creation from the Ban Sidhe kennel, leads this grouping. After Ben comes Becky again, flashing her winning smile.This time she's riding in the comfort of a dog-pulled vintage egg cup. She is followed closely by Serenity, this time being chauffeured by the zoo keeper herself.

Here She Comes

Oh look! The LittleFees, Pumpkin and Peanut, have joined the paraders. I see Hickory Dickory has taken over the roadster. Becky is bravely trying out camel riding while Serenity coaxes along a fat lamb with anxiety issues.

Littlefees on Parade More to come.....


kristo said...

The "anxiety issues" actually made me stort-laugh! (I think it's the eyes)

dynnamae said...

So cute and the anxiety issue made me laugh too.

Marlene said...

Kristo and dynnamae, so glad you could come and watch the parade!