Thursday, February 07, 2013

Beribboned Cloche

I found a hat pattern that coordinates perfectly with the little baby dress pattern I made earlier!

Neelie's New Hat

Neelie is modelling the first one, but Serenity is saying that she would like one too. Hmm --- I think they may have forgotten that both dresses and the hat are intended for the Nappy Choo baby I ordered. She should be arriving in late March or early April if Soom keeps to their schedule.

A crib for the baby has arrived. It was custom made by Bruce Dawson of Etsy. The baby in the picture is just one borrowed from my granddaughters. It's a stand in for the approximate size of the Nappy Choo.

rail height on 5 inch baby

The darling little quilt is a gift from "SaraBeara2" of Flickr. She also sent the cute little "Sophie the Giraffe" teething toy.

Quilt from SaraBear2

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