Monday, February 11, 2013

Knitting for Strong Start

The Strong Start preschool program had a naked baby doll and the program leader said she had not been able to find clothing to fit it. She had one shirt that would not do up, and a pair of pants that could not completely cover the doll's bottom. I had to do something about it!

I borrowed the chubby little thing for the weekend and she/he went back with this outfit.

assorted knitwear

My daughter made the adorable earred hat.

Bonnet with ears.

I made the bib,

doll bib

a pair of panties,

knitted doll panties

and a little knitted sleeper.

sleeper for baby doll

I custom fit the sleeper and panties by using the numbers for the width of the largest size but knitting only to the length of the smallest size.

sleeper back

I also altered the pattern to include buttonholes rather than separate, crocheted, button loops.

knitted sleeper


icicle said...

Aw, that's so lovely! I'm sure the baby and teacher are so pleased. Kids too, but sometimes they don't mind naked babies as much as we do ;)

bearpicnic said...

I can't wait to hear the reaction from the kids and the staff!! You and your daughter did an amazing job on a sweet outfit!!

Marlene said...

I'm sure that's the case icicle, the kids were not complaining about the naked baby.

This is a bit of a late post bearpicnic. We did the knitting on a weekend and returned the baby a week ago Monday. The new clothing items were very well received by the staff and parents. I never actually saw the reaction of the various children. I did notice the hat was off and laying in the "housekeeping" centre later in the day. I looked around and could not see the baby anywhere. I haven't been back yet to see if the mysteriously disappearing baby ever reappeared.