Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yes, It's a Bun Cover

It's main purpose is not decorative, though it is that as well.

the real recipient

The primary purpose for a bun cover on a six year old is to hold the bun snug and prevent it from coming loose during a busy day of school and rambunctious playing!

back view

It's something a few hair pins cannot successfully accomplish on their own!

bun cover


Ruinwen said...

Absolutely darling...the cover and your Granddaughter! Hugs! :)

Lubelle said...

Lovely! I had one of these as a child for ballet class and it worked great to keep my hair contained. I wore it every class, and often at school too, and hated that I couldn't wear it for performances. It went missing eventually, but when I started dancing again in university, I made my mum make me a new one! I always get compliments when I wear it.

Anne Randall said...

So sweet!

dynnamae said...

You have a lovely granddaughter and I hope she enjoys her bun cover. It looks so nice and she could have colors to go with outfits. Great accessory.

Marlene said...

Thanks Ruinwen.
I did tell her she looks like a beautiful ballerina when wearing it Lubelle.
Thanks Anne. I wasn't sure if maybe she or Kris might think it too old fashioned, but apparently not. It was a hit with her classmates. The ones sitting behind her in Circle Time kept patting it, but I think she enjoyed the attention.
She has already asked for several other colours to coordinate with her wardrobe Dynnamae, and possibly smaller, brown ones to do "teddy bear ear" buns.