Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Teeny little Bobby and Becky were off playing and didn't make it into the picture.

Peanut, Shannon, and Neelie

Hickory Dickory was too busy watching the time to get in on the portrait. He's counting down the minutes I have left until the turkey must be in the oven!

Panalaya, Pumpkin, Serenity, and Penny

Morganna is also not present. She's busy doing sweater fittings and didn't get dressed in time, but still wishes you a very happy Easter.


Dustbunnie said...

I hope you and your resin family had a happy Easter too.

Ruinwen said...

I hope you had a lovely Easter. Your portrait of the family is just beautiful. Amazing you got them to sit still for that long. Hugs! :)