Saturday, August 02, 2014

All Buttoned Up

Deciding what to do about the sides of the Rainbow Tabard took some thinking. I considered doing the sides in more of the same Saori fabric, but figured it might be a waste as there was already a riot of colour in the front and back panels and more would just be overkill.

I then considered doing solid coloured panels but with some free style embroidery to pull in colours from the weaving, but then remembered that holding a small needle for any length of time causes my carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up.

Then my thoughts turned to just doing plain, solid colour side tabs but with special buttons of some sort. Well, nothing "special" turned up at the fabric store so I came up with something even better. Self covered buttons done with the fabric cut from the neck hole of the tabard. Perfect!

Saori covered buttons

I think they look great on the very dark navy side tabs I made. It's just the coordinated look I was hoping for.

Sewn in place

I'll get a picture up tomorrow of the whole, finished vest. For now here is an "outtake" photo. I originally photographed the Saori buttons on my handwoven table runner. I then realized that it would be better to take the picture against dark fabric, as I did above, but I still like this photo too.

Covered buttons

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