Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Denim Warp Utilized

The handspun warp I wound and wove off last winter, the one in denim blues, has now found its purpose.


It became a jacket.

Collar with scarf end

It has a regular collar on one side that morphs into a scarf on the other side. The idea is to throw the scarf portion over the opposite shoulder ---

Back with collar turned up

--- creating a bit of a cowl look at the front.

Attached scarf thrown over left shoulder

I used the fringe from both ends of the woven yardage across the back of the shoulders.


The pieced sleeves feature deep, turned back cuffs.

Back of left sleeve


Front of left sleeve

 It's just the way it worked out, but I'm glad that the softest bits, woven in handspun merino and silk, ended up in the cuffs and the collar.

Back of right sleeve

I'm not sure what I'll do with this as denim blue is not a great colour on me. Perhaps it will be sold.


cjbj said...

Pretty freaking amazing, if I may say! You are too!!! If there was a prize for @pay creative I would pick you.:-)
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Lisa said...

That is absolutely stunning!