Sunday, August 24, 2014

Can't Have Just ONE

Apparently knitting is a lot like eating peanuts. You can't stop with just one.

Zen received another sweater today. This one is done in a self striping sock yarn. I love this colour combo on him.

Self striping sock yarn

I'm now working on a third one, same yarn, but looser gauge. As this will be a pattern eventually offered for sale I'd like to be absolutely sure that I find the best gauge for the most appropriate fabric and drape.

My daughter is graciously doing a test knit of the pattern, looking for errors, omissions, and places where more clarity is needed. She's been most helpful!

Bramble Thicket is afraid the sweater might make his butt look big.

Bramble Thicket, her "Impldoll Sam", tried the sweater on. Bram says it fits fine, but he fears it makes his butt look big.

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