Saturday, August 02, 2014

Rainbow Tabard Debut

The Rainbow Tabard Vest is complete.

Saori Rainbow

Photos of me wearing it will have to wait as it's way too hot to struggle with selfie body shots. I'll need cooler weather and an assistant.

Saori Rainbow, front

In the meantime Dummie has stepped in.

Saori Rainbow, right side

Dummie is significantly larger than me at the moment so please forgive the snug fit. The tabard drapes loosely on me and creates cap sleeves because my shoulders are a lot narrower. Dummie has not yet been altered to be my double.

Saori Rainbow, back

I think the back may be my favourite part. I love the way it appears to glow like a prism.

Saori Rainbow, left side

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! I think it's adorable. I am in your DYT group on Rav and am thrilled you are into weaving too. The Saori weaving is so neat. I just have RH loom right now but would love to get a Saori someday. I try to do the Saori style weaving though. Chelle on Rav