Monday, August 04, 2014

Next Up

I have started working on a light jacket sewn from the handspun, denim warp which I completed last winter.

 Under Construction

This came about because I discovered that the "Rainbow Tabard Vest" I had planned to enter in the Chilliwack Exhibition won't actually fit the category I signed up for. When I was choosing categories to enter I was thinking about my newest, "Lady In Red" warp, which is handspun, and I entered the "Sewn garment from hand woven handspun". Then mid stream I decided to sew a top from my "Rainbow Warp" instead. Got it all done then looked up the category and discovered the error. Darn! I could have entered the category for a sewn garment woven from commercial yarns instead. Rather than miss out on a category that I have already paid to enter I decided to do what I could with the handspun denim warp. I've been sewing all day and my back hurts, but I must continue on as I only have tomorrow to finish it. Entries must be at the exhibitions grounds on Wednesday.

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