Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dress for the New Girl

This took three very full days to complete. I started late one evening with cutting out the many pieces.

Today's project.

The next day I worked on sewing the bodice. With princess seams and fully lined there were a lot of pieces to deal with. I improvised a tiny "pressing ham" for the bust seams using a slightly felted ball of wool.

Pressing ham?

The zipper caused lots of angst. It had to be meticulously hand sewn. I got it all in, looking good, and removed the basting. It was then that I realized it was misthreaded and it split. I had to take out all that I had done and start over again!

Second time was successful. This is the first time I've gone to all the trouble of inserting a real (but tiny) zipper in doll clothing.

A zipper at last!

Layers of ruffles means lots of gathering and basting to do. There are two skirts, a lace layer, and an underlayer insert, all which had to be gathered and then hand basted before machine sewing.

Progress shot

It took hours!

More ruffles.

But the finished dress was well worth all the effort. I only hope it fits her when she arrives!

Christmas Dress

I still plan to sew a white top and stockings to go with it.


dynnamae n said...

What a beautiful dress. Can't wait to see her in when she arrives and is fully in her outfit. She does have a beautiful face.

Marlene said...

Thanks, dynnamae Parcel tracking says she is "Out For Delivery" now. With this beautiful (rare) sunny day it would be nice if she arrives while I still have good light for pictures!