Friday, November 28, 2014

On Her Way!

A new doll size is on its way to me. Way back in August I ordered a Fairyland Feeple 60 moe-line girl with the "Rin" faceplate. That's "FM60 Rin" for short.

FM60 Rin!

This doll is bigger than any I've had so far. She stands 54cm tall, whereas the Minifees are only 41cm. I bought her more as a size model for  designing, sewing, and knitting than anything else as she is too large to interact realistically with the dolls I already own and will be displayed in an entirely different area. 

Now that I know she is on her way, and will for sure be arriving before Christmas, I'll go ahead and sew a dress for her that I bought the material for quite some time ago. It will be a Christmas dress in green, red, white with accents of gold.

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