Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hanging Kitchen Towels

Much of the last two of days I've been busy sewing up fourteen hanging kitchen towels. I did it assembly line style saving myself from having to reset the sewing machine for various stitching tasks over and over.

First I cut out all the pieces for the toppers; two patterned fabrics and a piece of flannel for each of the towels.

Today's task

Once I had the seams sewn and trimmed I gathered the whole bundle and sat in my comfy chair in the living room to carefully turn each topper right side out and get it pinned in place in preparation for pressing.

Sewn, turned,

Each of the kitchen towels was cut in half and the raw edges were inclosed in a final seam of the topper.


Back at the sewing machine I made buttonholes. I used the machine to sew on the buttons too.

14 altogether

With one yard of fabric and 7 kitchen towels (total cost of less than $20 CAD), I was able to make 14 hanging towels, 2 each of 5 designs and 4 of the one printed with a cardinal.

Buttons and buttonholes

If you are wanting to create quick and easy Christmas gifts on a budget these might be just what you're looking for. The tutorial and free pattern are here:

I'm keeping one each of the six designs for my kitchen, I let my daughter and granddaughters choose 3 for their kitchen, and will take 4 or 5 to the local elementary school for their Fun Night fund raiser. 

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Randomfish said...

That's a clever and economical idea! I definitely have a few relatives who would like something like that for next year... :)