Thursday, November 06, 2014

Quick Catch Up Post

I've been busy knitting and reknitting various doll clothes items in an effort to get a pattern collection for slim-mini, ball jointed dolls ready for publication. It's still a ways off, probably some time in December, but I have made progress.

Since the posting of the pullover with collar a while back I have designed a Ribbed Watch Cap --

Ribbed beanie

-- then I reknit it perfecting the decreases at the crown,


I'll have at least one more hat pattern in the collection. Probably something more like a slouchy beret.

I have also designed and knit a cropped cardigan.

Version One

The neckline of the first version stood away from the body unattractively so I reknit it and at the same time added bands at the sleeve edges.

Version Two

In that one I liked the improved neckline and the way the bands pulled the design together as a cohesive whole, but I felt that the bands on the sleeves looked too bulky, so I tried again with one less round of garter stitch.

Rockin' the Sock Dress

It was getting better but I still didn't like the way the sleeves were jutting out. One more knit through with a decrease of three stitches just before the arm bands and --

pattern photo

--- yes, I think this one will do.

final version

And now I must set aside the knitting for awhile. Tomorrow I have surgery to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand. I'll have at least three days of sitting around doing very little other than reading and watching TV with my arm propped up. After that I can gradually start adding in more activity, but it will likely be about a week before I can knit with any comfort.

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