Monday, November 24, 2014

Paper Templates

I still need to do the stone work on the sides of the fireplace. I'll be tackling that today, if all goes well. But I set the fireplace upright so I could use paper templates to decide the appropriate size for the resin kids' stockings.

Testing for stocking size.

Then I got busy and embroidered their names on a scrap of red flannel.

A tight fit!

After taking the above picture I realized that I had somehow included and extra line in Pumpkin's name. D'oh! I've pulled that section out and redone in now.

I've done it this way, embroidering the names first, because I find it easier to embroider when I can get an embroidery hoop on a larger piece of cloth. I also find it easier to put two large pieces of fabric together and sew around an outline, and then cut the pieces out, when working with items this small.

Deciding on trims and a best plan for assembling now.

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