Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another First

With the heat wave we are having it was nice to get out of the overly hot house and sit in an air-conditioned bead/jewelry shop to take a wire wrapping class.

With the supervision and assistance of Svetlana Ivleva, the instructor at "Sparkling Ideas" in the Chilliwack Mall, it was not hard to create an earring that I am pleased with.

Earring, singular, because of time constraints, but, with my asymmetrical hair cut, I only wear ONE 'statement' earring anyway. On the other side, where my hair is much longer, I just wear a tiny silver ball stud.

Looking at the enlarged pictures, and remembering my numerous errors, I know that there is lots of room for improvement!

But that's okay, because I'm happy with this beginner project, and practicing will be FUN!


MarthaVA said...

Your earring is beautiful! I don't see anything wrong with it. I have seen a lot of wire wrapped jewelry, and it often looks messy, and this earring looks very well made and thought out.
You did a GREAT job!

Gene Black said...

I don't see any "flaws" that matter. In fact, I had to search diligently to find one 'possible' flaw. I think it looks great.

Marlene said...

If I were to go strictly by the class sample there is quite a lot wrong with it Martha. It is still functional and pretty though, and I know I will wear it a lot. When I noticed mistakes I went into improvisation mode. My experience with Saori weaving has taught me to loosen up and go with the flow turning 'mistakes' into design opportunities. I don't like messy looking wire wrapping either so I was very careful to keep the wraps tight and, as much as possible, uniform.

I'm guessing that the one your eye settled on Gene is one that I never saw until after the close up pictures were taken. It's always that way, even with my knitting. The camera has a very critical eye! On the right hand side, up close to the top, the wire wrapping has a bit of a gap that was caused when I tried to anchor a wrapping thread in that area and then changed my mind. It forced the wraps apart and I never noticed. It was a simple matter to push the wraps back into the correct position, but of course that wasn't noticed and corrected until after the photo shoot.

Okay, okay, I can't resist pointing out the biggest flaw. On the left, that entire wrapped side should have been done in the opposite direction, but once I realized my mistake I had gone too far and the wire was too distressed to undo, straighten, and begin rewrapping. It likely would have broken. What I mean by "opposite direction" is that the continuous wrapped wire should have been the outer one, and the longer wraps arranged in groups of three with a gap in between each group should have been on the inside. This would have made more sense aesthetically and would have helped the wire to more easily curve outward.