Saturday, June 06, 2015

Wishing for a Model

I always find getting modeled shots of my creations so awkward!

I wish I had a 'real' model for that task.

Someone who knew just how to stand.

And could be relied on to not have a dorky look on her face spoiling the picture. LOL

But anyway, these pictures should give you an idea of how the tunic actually fits.

And a better look at some of the details. For instance I don't think it was apparent on the hanger that the cap sleeves were slit.

This little detail helps both the sleeve and the body of the garment hang a little better than the 'winged' look one gets when rectangular, one piece, body/cap sleeve arrangements are sewn all the way across the shoulder/sleeve seam.


MarthaVA said...

The model I see is perfect for this vest! :-)

You did a great job on it Marlene! Did you have help photographing it or did you have to set a timer on your camera, like I do sometimes? lol

I love the sleeve idea. I'll have to give that a try!

I love the yellows, and it looks really great on you.


Gene Black said...

I really like the photos of you in the tunic. I love the slit sleeve caps.

Marlene said...

Yes, this time I had help Martha. My daughter came over specifically to take the pictures. Usually I have to use the self timer too. Even when my husband is around to take photos I don't usually get him to do it. Not being a fibre artist he has no clue what kind of photos I'm aiming for, and then only has the patience to take a couple. My daughter is involved in many of the same hobbies as me and she knows to take MANY pictures and then let me edit and choose as I please.

Thank you. Yellow is a colour I wear well, though this particular yellow may be leaning a little too far to the "pastel/bright" rather than the "BOLD" that "Type Four" (Dress Your Truth profiling) personalities best suit.

Thanks Gene. The slit sleeve caps do wonders for the comfort and drape of a sleeve that is actually part of a rectangular body piece.

dynnamae n said...

Your tunic looks really good on you and I really like the colors also. Good job modeling your creation.

Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

I love it! You look awesome in it! I love the drape and the is just awesome! :)

Marlene said...

Thanks dynnamae.

The lightweight fabric and easy drape makes it a real pleasure to wear Ruinwen.