Monday, June 01, 2015

Treasure for My Granddaughters

When out for a walk this morning I came across a treasure!

It was laying at the base of a tree, discarded by it's previous owners. Looking at the bits of remaining, light blue (possibly speckled) shell fragments, I'd say they successfully raised a family. 

I'm not up enough on nest/shell identification to speculate what type of bird may have created this nursery, but it sure has a lot of interesting inclusions. 

One of the interesting bits is a clearly labelled, cellophane, "Allan's" candy wrapper. There are also other bits of paper and plastic right alongside the more traditional building materials like straw, bark, leaves, mud, and sticks.

I can't wait to show my granddaughters! Maybe they'd like to take it to school for Show and Tell and then perhaps donate it to the school for other classes to see as well.

It's very sturdy and well built. I might take it to the wild bird store and see if they have any thoughts about what type of bird may have built it.


claudia cardoso said...

This is so cool! I've never found a nest on the ground like that! I do like to leave my yarn odd ends out at spring for the birds to use for their nest. I have these images of super colourful nests but sadly I've never seen a nest made with yarn odds and ends!

Sweet Melodies said...

It's Sparrow's nest, they lay light blue eggs (or other colors like white or tan) with speckles on them. I can not wait to see the nests in our bird houses.

Marlene said...

I've found two in less than a week Claudia! Mind you I'm 55 years old and had never found one prior to that. The first nest I found was lying right at the bottom of the steps to my front door. I have a large magnolia tree that overhangs the area and the nest fell from the tree. That particular nest looked like it may have fallen before it was ever completed or used though as it wasn't nearly as compact and rubust looking as this one.

This second one was also found at the base of a tree, likely after having fallen. From what I've seen online it appears different birds will use very different materials to build their nests. Maybe the birds in your area aren't fond of yarn. Some nests are lined with animal hair or feathers from other birds. The one I photographed has bits of plastic and paper but no yarn

A sparrow's nest! Thanks Sweet Melodies

Ruinwen Dagorielle said...

Nature is so amazing! Thank you for sharing this amazing bit of creativity meets necessity. :)