Friday, July 08, 2016

Off to a Good Start

After scrapping that failed, fuzzy blue-violet and chartreuse warp, I've wound another warp and this one is much proving to be much more successful!

Next warp

The warp is all cotton and the colours chosen were inspired by the ball of dishcloth cotton you see in the centre. The white, green, and light blue are not in the warp but may end up included as weft. 

Kona supervising the beaming of the warp.

Kona was a patient supervisor of the beaming process, though she chose to lay right where I would have to step over her every time I went from the front of the loom to the back. Using the "yank and crank" method of keeping a uniform tension I was stepping over her a LOT. 

Inlay over stripes

I put this warp on my loom so that it wouldn't be empty when a visitor interested in Saori weaving comes by. But I find it a very pleasant warp to weave and cannot seem to stay away. I may end up using up all 6 metres of it before the guest arrives! 

truest colour representation

The colours are most accurate in this final photo. I have no idea what the final use will be of the yardage, but I certainly am enjoying weaving it. 

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Gene Black said...

I love your colors. The inlay is very appealing to me also.