Sunday, July 17, 2016

We Have a Pie Tree

Not exactly "in the twinkling of an eye", and I think that little ditty was about cherry pie anyway, but yes, give me 3 long hours in the kitchen and I can "whip up" 4 delicious apple pies.

Our tree is loaded this year.

I began with a large bucket filled with apples from our apple tree. The tree has produced so well this year that apples are being forced off the branches because there is no room for them as their limb-mates also grow. The overburden branches are even breaking under their weight. 

We don't spray so many/most of the apples have little marks on them. People are so accustomed to perfect, blemish free commercially grown apples now that they would likely pass these by. They make excellent pie though. Right now, with them being a little under ripe, they taste a lot like Granny Smith Apples. Tart, just the way I like a pie. A person could add more sugar if that was not to their taste though. 

                         Apple Pie Assembly Line

I worked on these assembly line fashion. I made the first batch of pastry and created four "bottoms", stirred together 4 individual batches of sugar and spices, then got the pastry for the tops ready. Once that was waiting I started on the apples.

                 Apple Parer Slicer Corer

Making 4 pies required a lot of apples! I counted 36 apple cores when I was done. I was very glad to have this little gizmo. It's an "Apple Parer Slicer Corer" and it was a gift from my mother when we moved into this house 26 years ago. You push an apple onto it's prongs and then crank the handle. The apple is peeled, cored, and sliced all in one quick motion.

3 hours later

Even with the apple peeling gadget, making four pies still took about 3 hours. By the time the mess was cleaned up and the pies were out of the oven I was too tired to cook dinner and we went out. We did come home to a delicious dessert of warm, tart, apple pie with ice-cream though. It was delicious! So much more flavour than those bland store bought pies, or even ones made with canned pie filling.


Gene Black said...

It look delicious. But being diabetic, I am happy to admire from a distance.

Marlene said...

Sorry to hear that Gene. I have a daughter that is diabetic and I know the struggle she has following her healthy eating guidelines. Well better not come around the blog today. Today's post (July 18th) looks even more yummy, if that is possible?