Monday, July 18, 2016

Skipping Elevenses

There was a reward to all that work yesterday -- Second Breakfast of Apple Pie a la Mode!


The pies turned out absolutely delicious! Tart and flavourful, not bland and overly sweet like the store bought ones.

Now I suppose in an effort to not be mistaken for a Hobbit I'll have to skip Elevenses? 

My son started to ask if there were any apples left that needed picking, then he glanced out the window.

So heavy with apples the branches are breaking.

Um. Yes, I'd say there are a few left. In fact I noticed two more broken branches. As the apples grow they are so heavy the branches are bending over to the point where they break. I guess we might as well cut those branches down since the apples won't ripen or grow any further now that the branches have broken.

More than a few pies left!

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