Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Whole 5 Yards

The "8/2 Blues" warp, after wet finishing, is 41cm by 4.51 metres or 16 inches by 5 yards. 

Although at this point no plan is carved in stone, I am considering the possibility of making most of this into a window valance for my guest room. 

Both ends are fringed. I do this so that the ends are secure during the finishing process and so that I have the maximum versatility in how I use the finished fabric.

If I do decide to go ahead with the valance idea I will use both fringed ends to make a matching cushion cover for the bed in the room.

And then I would add a header (hidden behind the handwoven cloth) of commercial fabric to serve as a pocket for a curtain rod.

The loom is not yet redressed. I'm taking a breather while I get other items ready for entry in our fall fair.


Gene Black said...

It seems almost a shame to hide it away in a guest room - unless you have guest frequently.

steelwool said...

Very impressive. As a 5 yd piece, it is open to so many possibilities. I do not envy you the decisions to be made.

Marlene said...

It does Gene, but for some reason I'm not really seeing clothing in this one. At least not for me. I may eventually make some clothing item for sale though.

I agree steelwool, so many possibilities. It may end up steeping in the fabric stash while I wait for inspiration to strike. I really like the fabric and don't want to rush in and make a wrong choice that I end up regretting.