Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Runaround Bag

I’ve been sewing.

Runaround Bag

Fun little Runaround Bag sewn using a pattern from Craftsy (I’m not affiliated, link is for your convenience).

I purchased the pattern thinking it might work well in Saori fabric and I could sell a few in the guild’s Christmas Craft Fair, but if I’m to do that the pattern will require some reworking. After reading/making the pattern I see that the lower section, front and back, where I would put the handwoven fabric, is actually cut in one piece that, during a clever zipper installation technique, makes the lining at the same time. Obviously it would be ineffective, and a waste, to use handwoven fabric on the inside where it will not be seen. I’ll need to split that piece in half and add seam allowances if I want to try it with handwoven fabric.

The bag is a great size for my dog walks. It fits my iPhone (as a size reference an iPhone 5S fits laying sideways across the bottom no problem), house keys, and a bunch of “poo bags”. I could easily fit things like lipstick and a thin wallet in there too if I was going out for longer and didn’t want to take a full sized purse.

There shall be more.


Leslie said...

looks wonderful! Great colour.

Gene Black said...

Your bag looks great. I think I would plan ahead and sew the handwoven and the "lining" together just a bit larger than the "pattern" piece and then cut it to the size needed. Just be sure you sew it so the handwoven ends up on the outside of the bag. ;-)

Marlene said...

Thanks Leslie. The fabrics I had on hand had some bearing on where I went with this project. All that I purchased new was the zipper.

The way the zipper on this one is inserted into a fold requires a bit of a different approach Gene, but I would certainly consider your idea for projects with a zipper sewn in using a more traditional method.