Saturday, April 22, 2017

Further Instruction Needed

I've been working on a tatted snowflake. All was going reasonably well, right up until the end. I then encountered a couple of tricky joins that had me backtracking and retrying, repeatedly, and perhaps shredding my thread to the point of no return.

Those two yellow pin heads are at the locations that need to be joined. I'm now in the process of asking on various tatting forums for help. Are you surprised that there are several? I've been pointed in the direction of several YouTube video tutorials that should be helpful. Not as helpful as having a real life instructor sitting down with me to take me step by step through the process, but a step in the right direction -- I hope.


PJ said...

You need to enter your work in the State Fair!!! Blue Ribbon! Good luck for your joining. you seem to have come so far!!!

Marlene said...

Thanks PJ. I have been told by more experienced tatters that my progress is very rapid. I chalk it up to perseverance and a great many hours of practice already. I am really drawn to it and sit and do at least a little nearly every day, and some days, if I get the chance, it's a lot more than "a little".

I'm Canadian, so no State Fair here. We do have a community fall exhibition and I will likely enter something in the way of tatting. The next level up I suppose would be a provincial or regional type fair such as the PNE, though that is considerably more effort to enter since it's not local.

doris said...