Saturday, April 01, 2017

Happy International Tatting Day

Yes, International Tatting Day is a real thing, even though the April 1st date of its occurrence might cause some to consider it a joke. I hope it's not implying that tatters are fools, because I've certainly caught the bug.

Who would have thought that such an old form of "fancy work" would be so engrossing?! There is so much to learn that I find it quite a challenge. 

Here's my latest project, off the shuttle. This is my "Blue Blanche" from the "Blanche" pattern by KimandI.

I finally got around to blocking it and taking a few photos today. 


Gene Black said...

Your Blue Blanche is stunning - I just can not imagine doing that tiny work with my old extremely nearsighted eyes.

Marlene said...

Extremely nearsighted can be an advantage when working with very small detailed crafts Gene. I was of that crowd until LASIK I surgery 6 months ago. Unfortunately the correction for distance made me lose that great near vision I had. Now I wear reading glasses when doing close work. I have also always used a wonderful magnifying lamp for anything tiny like this. This link:

is to a blog post that is years old, but the magnifying lamp pictured is still going strong despite frequent long hours of use.

God's Kid said...

Wonderful necklace!! :)

Marlene said...

The pattern is lovely God's Kid, unfortunately it has a tendency to barrel roll when being worn. I may decide to sew it to a blouse neckline or something, as an embellishment, so that is no longer able to roll.