Sunday, April 02, 2017

First of Many Ice Drops

Ice Drops are a fun little thing to tat!

First Completed Ice Drop

They are formed around a "gem" that you can find in hobby stores or sometimes in the area of the aquariums in a pet store.

Tatted Ice Drop

Pretty little doodads with little purpose, they are sometimes done as Christmas tree ornaments, package decorations, back pack charms and so forth.

First Completed Ice Drop

Did I mention that they are fun to tat? For that reason alone you might be seeing many more of these.


PJ said...

Beautiful! You are on a roll!! Love the colors

Gene Black said...

That is gorgeous. And it is in one of my favorite color combos.

dynnamae n said...

Marlene, I love your tatting. It almost makes me want to learn. But, I have too many crafts to do without adding another. I love your necklace and the ice drop is beautiful too.

Marlene said...

Thanks PJ, dynnamae, and Gene.

Dynamae I have too many crafts too, when I concentrate on one I am neglected several others! This one reached out an grabbed me though. I was defenseless. The problem with finding learning new crafts so enthralling is that -- well you tend to collect not only hobbies but a whole lot of equipment and supplies as well. At least equipment doesn't take up a lot of room and some of my weaving threads work well for tatting too.

God's Kid said...

Fabulous colors!!! :)

Marlene said...

Thank you God's Kid. The thread colours were great so I coordinated the gem and the ribbon with that.