Saturday, January 08, 2005

Doggie B&B

Way back in June I was working on the "Bed and Breakfast Pullover" from the Interweave Knits magazine. Perhaps it was the hot weather at the time, maybe common sense just kicked in, but I abandoned the project. It was going to be a very thick, hot pullover and I know I would just roast in it. It would be too hot for indoor wear, and not warm enough for outer-wear on most winter days. Add to the that the fact that when I DO choose to wear a warm sweater it is ALWAYS a cardigan that I can take off and on easily.

Anyway, that project has been reborn. Well, not completely. It is not like I am using the back piece that I had completely finished by the time I decided not to continue, but I HAVE decided to use the yarn and the graph for the intricate cable panel, to make THIS:

"What is it?" you say? It is the most fancy-schmancy doggie sweater you ever did see! Thanks to "The Original Custom-Fit Dog Sweater Pattern" I was able to plot a plain dog sweater pattern, to which I have added the cable panel (bit of complicated math there because the gauge for the under-belly ribbing pattern is NOT the same as the gauge over the cabled panel).

In a few more days, Shelby, my walking buddy, will have a lovely warm sweater for those cold morning walks. And the funny thing is, she seems to LIKE it. We have had several "fittings" as the work progresses, and she always seems proud and happy when it is ON, and disappointed and sad when I have to take it off. This dog actually seems to like clothes! She happily wore a brightly colored Christmas Ruff all through December.

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