Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ripped and Redone

Thursday I knit quite a bit on a pair of socks. At evening's end, I noticed that they were quite a bit too wide.....but kept on knitting for awhile on Friday anyway, thinking I could do a few decreases at that point and they would be okay. I ended up with duck-feet socks and after some pondering, decided I would be happier if I frogged them.

So with the help of my handy-dandy ball winder I ripped out the socks. It wasn't so bad. I mean what is a couple of measly half-socks in the face of the Great Daugava Frogging incident hey? After THAT, I may be immune to the horrors of frogging forever.

Yesterday I went and bought one more ball of sock yarn. It is a solid, dark denim color that coordinates with the original self-patterning yarn beautifully. With that in hand, I started out once again to conquer these socks. This time I am doing the toes, heels and ribbing in the dark blue and the remainder in the self striping. Am I ever glad I frogged that original screwy pair! I knitted for quite some time yesterday and I am now at about the same point I was pre-frogging. This new attempt is turning out much better.

My plans for these socks include a "peasant" or "afterthought" heel. I am making two socks on ONE circular needle and I think this different style of heel will end the confusion of trying to turn two heels on one circular. I also hate doing short-row heels so I am hoping I will like this style better.

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dragon knitter said...

i've done the after thought heel, and was amazed to find out i have a shallow heel. i followed the instructions in twisted sisters sock workbook, and found i was much more comfortable in that sizing. and i didn't follow a "pattern", just knit for a while, then stitched it up, did the heel, and grafted the toe. i knit them in the flat, then seamed it, and amazingly, i can't feel the seam on the bottom of my foot. it was a bit of a pain trying to pick up the stitches on the bind-off edge, but it worked. enjoy! (minnie)