Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Peasant Heel - Part Three

So here they are, the finished Peasant Heel socks. Because of the contrast heel and toe (not necessary to the technique) they had a few more ends than usual to weave in. Not a problem, it took only minutes.

A bit of a milestone for me in the making of these. I managed to accomplish a tubular bind off WITHOUT reading step by step along with the book or having someone read it out to me. This miracle was accomplished by finally FULLY understanding the technique (and how simple it really is). Thanks go out to "The Sweater Workshop" by Jacqueline Fee and her excellent description of grafting on pages 71 & 72, as well as Reader's Digest "Knitter's Handbook", page 88 for a bit of further understanding as to how the grafting technique applies to tubular bind off and can all be accomplished on ONE needle.

Further help (and possibly the most "ah ha" moment) was gleaned from "Knitting Tips & Trade Secrets", a quote from Montse Stanley on page 19: "It's best not to get into the habit of going twice into the first two stitches." This one little tip simplified the whole mysterious business of grafting and tubular bind off for me. Why, oh why, does nearly every knitting resource book go into great lengths to describe the complicated business of going twice into the first two stitches. Montse Stanley says it isn't necessary, and NOT doing it makes the whole process much easier to learn.

With this new skill in hand, my toe-up socks have just become better.

WHEEEEEeeee.....we interrupt this blog-post for news of a delightful delivery. Canada Post has just delivered 12 balls of "Sock It To Me" sock yarn from Elann.
Must . Go . Knit

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