Friday, January 28, 2005

My Corner of the World

Taking inspiration from another blogger, I have decided to show you My Little Corner of the World.

This is the main place I sit and knit. Let me give you a tour.

Of course, the most important item, the chair. This is a Dutailier Glider-Rocker with matching footstool. I am not too crazy about the print, but it is THE most comfy chair. The arm rests are at exactly the right height to support my elbows while I knit, preventing back strain.

To my right (your left) is Her Royal Highness, Miss Shelby Underfoot. She is my knitting buddy. When not hogging MY chair, she can always be found in HER chair, right beside me. Yes, my son's dog has her own chair in our living room. She deems dog baskets to be beneath her. After much struggling to keep her off my lap when I am knitting, I finally found that the solution was to provide a chair for her, so she can be beside me, at the same height, without actually sitting ON me.

On my table to my left is a heated coaster. With only the occasional sip of coffee/tea between rows, it takes me a while to finish my beverage, which in the past, was usually ice cold. Now with this great new coaster, my coffee or tea stays drinkably hot right to the last matter how long it takes.

Note also on that table, I keep my hand lotion at the ready. Is anyone else bothered by the feeling of yarn sliding between dry fingers? This is no ordinary hand lotion. This is "Merino, lanolin hand creme". It is lovely stuff that softens and moisturizes the hands without leaving a greasy residue to soil one's project.

Note in the background the 'puter. This is my connection to all you out there in Cyber-Land.

And my stash? No, no, not out has a room down the hall that is all its own. After a recent redecorating, the room has been renamed "The Studio". The Studio is where I have all my extra yarn, and growing collection of knitting books, sorted and stashed. It is also where my swift and ball winder reside. Only the current project (sometimes reprioritized twice daily) gets to come out of The Studio to sit in My Little Corner of the World.


Maggie Ann said...

This looks very cozy !! Could that be a handblown glass ball hanging from your floorlamp? I have a lavender one that I feast my eyes on often. I like the way you share with your links and info. Your glider-rocker sounds great. They don't give out back-aches like the softer chairs I think. Well, we are off to a chamber music event an hour away. Violin, cello, and piano. I need to run and get ready and hope I don't cough at all during the performance.

Marlene said...

It's a glass ball that is part of the lamp itself...and not handblown. The lamp is a "swing arm" lamp which I can adjust the position of depending upon what I am doing. SOME day maybe I'll spring for an "Ott Lamp" with the "true color" light, but they are rather pricey!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I (very) frequent Rabbitch's site. I am not a stalker but just a fan, from North Van...anyways I just wanted to say WHAT A GOOD IDEA that heated coaster thing is! I am going to go out and get me one of those things too!!!! Hand cream presents a problem insofar as I have yet to find one that doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my hands and I worry it transfers on to the wool. Thanks for information. One further note, I just loved your Christmas Hearth was truly beautiful.

Best wishes,