Monday, January 03, 2005

Say Goodbye

Please join me as I say a sad, sad farewell to the Daugava body as it has been knit so far.

I think my lack of tears (external ones that show anyway) and swearing (just quiet murmuring), and my commitment to continue living, shows great strength on my part.

One should always listen to that small inner voice that keeps nagging that something is not right. My little voice was whispering "better check, this seems too big". I ignored it and kept on knitting. Finally I decided to put the knitting on two circulars so that I could try it on. I didn't even get that far before I found "IT".

"IT" is the math error. I wanted to have the needles at the sideseams for trying on, so I was counting the stitches as I divided them on the circular needles. Now the little voice pretty much screamed "WHY do you have so many front stitches?!".

"Why?", I said, "Well, that would be because of the disgusting little math error that is now causing disgusting BIG problems!". You see, allowing for both a hem facing AND a front facing, required a bit of complicated figuring so that they wouldn't overlap. I calculated that the difference would be 10 stitches and intended to leave 10 stitches from each side OFF of the lower facing, then add them on when I joined it in the round. What I actually DID was start with the right amount of stitches and THEN add the additional 25 (10 for each side plus 5 for a steek). Yeah. Dumb. Even dumber was not realizing the mistake sooner.

Just on the off chance that things really weren't as bad as they seemed, I continued transferring half the stitches to a second circular needle. I didn't even have to try it on to know that it would make a nice barn cosie. Turns out it is seven inches too big! Rechecking my gauge, I found that I am getting less stitches to the inch than I originally thought.

I "get to" redo all my calculations.

On a good note (yes, there is ONE), when I re-knit this thing, I will have far fewer stitches per round. By my current, quick calculations, that should be somewhere around 58 less per round. *sheesh*

My husband just offered another "good thing" to this whole miserable mess. He said I can be thankful that I don't actually fit it as it is.

So today I take a break. I shall cast on for a swatch in the lovely "Peruvian Collection Baby Cashmere" I received in my "knittable samples" subscription from Elann.


Leisel said...

"barn cosie"

Oh, I can't stop laughing about that one... it's just too, TOO good!

- Leisel

Rabbitch said...

I'm pretty sure you've been a-doin' MATH, haven't you, missy?

*disapproving glare*

*goes back to knitting dishcloths*

Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, you are amazing. I could't begin to do anything at all in the skill level you have. You are one smart lady, math error or not. Its nice your husband is so supportive. Mine would be too and thats a cup of comfort right there. I enjoy seeing the pictures you post, isn't it great to be able to do that!