Thursday, January 20, 2005

Going Dotty

Here is a photo of the other project I have been working on lately.

It is a thick, warm afghan......small enough to maybe be called a "lap robe". When I am sitting around knitting or watching TV.....especially in the cold basement, my feet are always freezing. Hopefully this little afghan will help warm my tootsies up. I might even fold the end under part way and seam the sides to make a pocket to stick my feet into, with the rest of the length being used to cover my lap. That way there will be no need to try to tuck it under and around my feet.

1 comment:

dragon knitter said...

what size are you making? i'm crocheting one for my future mother in law for her birthday (in 12 days, ack!), and i'm not sure what size to make it. looks gorgeous, though! (aka minnie)