Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Giant Step Backwards

Last night I decided that I would take a giant step backwards with the Shapely Tank Top. I was on the home stretch of the front piece when I realized that the slipped stitch selvedge I was creating was NOT a good idea. Not for this project that requires a picked up edging anyway. I decided that, even though I only had an inch or so to go on the front straps, I would rip all the way back to the underarms where I had started this slipped stitch selvedge.

When I got it ripped that far I had trouble with a couple of the stitches near the edge slipping a little farther than I had intended. They slithered into the area of the bust short rows and made them confusing to pick up properly. I spread the piece out to take a really good look at it and in the process got to further examining the very beginning. You know, the part where I said I was dissatisfied with the hem short rows because they seemed too bunched together? I've never mentioned this before, but I was also none-too-thrilled with the cast on method I had chosen. I had used my usual "cable method" and, combined with the garter stitch border, it really was not the best choice. It wasn't horrible, but a long tail cast on would have been better.

I've been enjoying knitting this smooth cotton in row after row of straight stockinette. No, really. I actually like doing plain stockinette. I find the repetition soothing. So soothing in fact that I decided that I wouldn't mind too much doing this entire piece over again.

I have ripped it ALL out, rewound it into balls, and I am beginning again. It's a small set back of a day or two but, in the long run, I'll be happier with the end result. The "Roma, Four Seasons Cotton" I am using makes a lovely fabric. It has a wonderful weight and drape to it.


dragon knitter said...

i just wanted to reply to the comment you made on my blog. knitting is my sanity. fiber anything is my sanity, since i also crochet and spin. thank you for the hugs, i've discovered that a lot of the knitters i've run across in this blogosphere are wonderful, sweet people. i started collecting blogs from KR, and havne't looked back since. you guys help take me out of myself, and make me laugh when i feel like crying. blog on!

btchwstix said...

Your tank top is lovely, but how did you get so much colour, you look like you have been sunning already. How nice is it in BC? Toronto weather has just started to warm.
PS don't worry about posting content, the faithful ones stay with you no matter what
Knit On

Marlene said...

Yes I do look a little fried there don't I? I'll confess, I "fake-bake" for 20 minutes weekly, year round. Normally, that small amount of tanning only brings me up to par with other people's winter pallor. I am naturally a very pasty, sickly flourescent white. Only for a few hours on my "tanning day" do I get that redish tinge, and I happened to take that picture on the morning I tanned.

BUT, yes, we did have a run of VERY nice weather here in Southern BC. I go for rather long walks with the dog, and was finding that a t-shirt was too hot some of those days and I had to resort to wearing a tank top for the walks. Early mornings and also later in the evenings it is still quite cool. Early March was beautiful here, but I am afraid the weather has taken a turn for the worse and we are now experiencing more typical grey skies and rain, rain, rain.