Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mom's Slippers

Creativity runs in my family. If you've followed any of my links to Monkey, you've seen some of my daughter's work. Now I'm giving you a chance to see my mom's creations too. This is a collection of cute little booties she is making for charity. She also does lovely oil paintings.

Image hosted by

Mom's mom was also very creative. She quilted, sewed, knitted, crocheted, tatted, rug hooked, and was a wonderful painter. She also made tacky fridge decorations from crafter's foam and magnets, but we loved her anyway.

HER mom (my great-grandmother) also did all kinds of textile crafts and was an excellent painter.

Too bad the painting gene seems to have passed me by.


Rabbitch said...

It looks like your mom has the same pattern book I have!

The Water Goddess said...

How cute! It's really nice of your mom to knit things for charity.