Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm Done, But....

I finished the Woven Rib Tank but now I am going to rip a bunch of it out. It's "okay" as is, but I would like the fit to be better. It's a little too low in the underarm area so I'll be shortening both the front and back straps a little. That's not too big a deal as it only involves about 12 rows on each strap, front and back. The bigger adjustment will be to the neckline. It's not as low as I would like so now I will be ripping the front down to the armhole shaping and reknitting it with a lower neckline.

Ripping back a finished article that is okay "as is" is difficult to do. Ripping out something that is awful and is hated is so much easier. I decided that I want to do this though. It is one of those things that would bug me every time I wore it.

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