Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Design

I've been experimenting over the past few days. Knit a bit, rip a bit, repeated over and over. I've finally come up with a stitch pattern I like....and its my own invention!

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I am designing a tank top for myself using "Katia Alba" which is a cotton/viscose blend with a bit of a sheen to it. I wanted to show off the sheen by using a stitch pattern that had horizontal as well as vertical elements to it so as to best catch the light. I dragged out stitch pattern books and poured over them but was not happy with what I was finding. After much trial and error I invented a stitch pattern that is easier than standard 3 x 1 ribbing and yet looks rather complicated I think.

I haven't completely decided what I'm doing from the underarms upward. I am thinking that perhaps a square neckline would be in keeping with the square nature of the stitch pattern.

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Christina said...

I love the pattern, it really sets off the yarn. It's going to make a lovely sweater.