Tuesday, March 01, 2005


So sweet, and I'm not talking about the cute little bunny. These are Choco Coconut Balls.

They are incredibly sweet. Too sweet for me in fact, but then what did I expect? The center is mostly icing sugar held together by sweetened condensed milk. Chopped nuts and a bit of coconut add a little texture. These came from a cookie cookbook. I think they are more like candy. VERY sweet candy. These won't be fattening MY hips.


Leisel said...

Please tell me what cookie book you found that in... It looks like it would be a treat I would just love.

- Leisel

Marlene said...

The recipe is from "Company's Coming - Cookies" and is printed on page 79. The rest of the family seems to like them. My 20 year old son even made a point of telling me so.

I'll continue to go with my first impression and leave them well enough alone. It's easier on the waistline that way.

db said...

Can you also tell me who wrote the book, Company's Coming? I'd like to buy it but don't know who the author is. Thank you.

Marlene said...
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Marlene said...

Company's Coming is an entire line of cookbooks written by Jean Pare. Each book can be purchased individually.