Friday, March 25, 2005

Knitting Bloggers Anonymous

I've noticed lately that my blog is responsible for much of my excessive knitting. I feel a certain responsibility to keep my blog updated and at least mildly interesting to the knitters who find their way here, so I knit a lot, always trying to reach a point where I can post another photo of some sort of progress.

I recently downloaded a new "hit counter" from (Thanks Rabbitch). It generates a little more information than the one I had before. With this one I can tell that the majority of my visitors are from the United States, but that I have also had visits from Germany and Turkey today. **smiling and waving to you all**

I also am given some idea of the average length of each visit. MANY are for less than one second. When I first saw that particular statistic I thought, "Aw, *pout* they find my blog boring". But then I realized that I do the exact same thing when I am visiting my favorite blogs. If they haven't been updated recently I click in, see that it's something I have already read, and then click back out. If they have a statcounter, they see a visit of less than one second.

This is where the pressure to knit and blog about it comes in. I see all those millisecond visits and feel bad for wasting your time. You come here expecting to see some blather and/or photos of recent projects and there is nothing new.

Must. Knit. More.

Silly I know, but it's true. I bare my soul here with the thought that admitting one's "problem" is the first step toward recovery. Now if you'll excuse me I must go and knit frantically in hopes of posting a new picture in a day or two. I wonder if there is a 12 step Knitting Bloggers Anonymous.


Rabbitch said...

I'm only going to the meetings if I can bring my knitting.

midgeling said...

I know what you mean about visits and comments and stuff. For a while, I got busy with... well... actually living life and not just writing about it. So the commentors I used to have no longer comment. I also sort of wondered why I bother sometimes, if nobody reads when you are sproradic. Eh, well at least I know my famil reads, even though they seem to be comment-phobic, lol!

Marnie said...

Hmmm, interesting about the one-second-visitors. I'm probably in the ten second range. *grin* You see, I use bloglines and it tells me when my favourite blogs are updated. When I browse at work (for shame!!!!), I go through each updated blog and COPY & PASTE the text and photos into a Word doc... thereby reducing the amount of time I spend on each page... which will hopefully save me from getting into trouble for reading knitting blogs while at work! Hee!! So, I wonder if other people do the same thing???