Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. All three of my children (and a son-in-law) all came over for dinner and, of course, that was the best present of all. I was also given other lovely gifts.

My husband gave me this:

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I call it my "Pattern Stand" although it looks identical to a standard, collapsible music stand. I am so tired of my knitting/cross-stitch/needlepoint patterns slipping off my lap while I am trying to work on them! This works great. I used it to do the final 10 rows on the main part of the Shy Sheep Vest. I'll have photos of the vest blocking tomorrow.

My youngest daughter arrived with this fantastic mug and a cute little book about the child/mom relationship.

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My oldest daughter and my son are going together to get me this book. It hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully when it does I will finally get that tea towel warp on my loom!


Michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day! Fantastic gifts. I should look into a music stand. That's a great idea to use it to hold patterns.

Maggie Ann said...

What an adorable mug!! Love it.