Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rose Print Scarf

All knitting and spinning has come to a standstill while I get a couple of "quick" sewing projects out of the way.

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Actually this first one wasn't quite as quick as I expected. Although I didn't time myself I do know it took several hours. Some people can sew entire outfits in that amount of time!

I decided this scarf needed a HAND rolled hem, rather than a serged one. My serger requires quite a bit of fiddling before I get a rolled hem just right and I had no extra scraps to practice on. I bought just enough of two different fabrics to make a lightweight scarf of each.

Although I don't consider myself a dressy, scarf wearing kinda gal, my jacket has an open neckline that needs some kind of filling when I'm wearing a low or wide neckline top with it. The jacket is black with white trim and this scarf will be perfect.

The second scarf should be finished later today.


Maggie Ann said...

That will be elegant! how nice!

PJ said...

Oh, so nice some sewing! That scarf is beautiful!