Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One Stitch Cardigan

I haven't yet mentioned a WIP I've had going for the last little while. This is the One Stitch Adult Cardigan by Lion Brand. I started it during our last road trip. By the time I had returned from that trip I had the pockets in and was working my way upward.

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I've only worked on it a little since that time as I was kind of saving it for my next little road trip which starts tomorrow. This ALL garter stitch cardigan is much too boring to knit unless you are confined to a car for long periods of time. My husband likes me to "enjoy the view" while he is driving. I like to knit. I think of this as a compromise, something I can knit without looking at so that I can still "enjoy the view".

The pattern calls for each front and the back to be knitted separately but I put them all on one long circular to knit as one piece so that I wouldn't have to seam garter stitch. This pattern has a somewhat dolman shaped sleeve that is knit by adding stitches onto the sides of the front and back pieces. A few inches above the pockets it starts getting wider and wider. I have a lot of stitches on the needles now!

I'm knitting it in "ACKrylic". Phentex Worsted to be exact. I wanted an easy to knit, plain, comfy cardigan, one that I could frequently throw in the washer and dryer.


Maggie Ann said...

Oh boy, that sounds like my dream pattern. Notice I say dream...grin. My gauge never did get worked out...maybe someday I'll try something like this...I'm going to go look up your pattern. Its so nice the way you post links. I like that.

Maggie Ann said...

Thanks Marlene for leaving me a comment over at knitting kat. About tatting thread, DMC makes a #80 tatting thread I'm using right now. Also, Cordonnet Mercer crochet makes a #20 thats nice. 6 ply is the best if I remember correctly. I like the catalog from Handy Hands or the link is How nice you tat also and I remember that you used to play the cello too...

PegF said...

Hi Marlene,
I love your sweater, but have a question for you. Would you mind sharing how you converted it from three pieces (2 fronts + the back) to just one? I'm thinking that you placed a marker where the front joined the back and just worked your increases on either side of it? Do you think that this sweater would lend itself to some two-color patterns along the way? I'd like to do it in some white Homespun that I've got, but was thinking it might be nice to throw in a little white/black - black/blue - blue/black - black/white kind of thing...
I found your blog through a link from another blog and have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely and creative things you do. I'd knit (and quilt) a lot more if that dang "work" thing didn't take up so much of my time! ;-D

Marlene said...

Peg, I hope you find this here, buried as it is in my archives. Your comment came through without a return email address so there is no way for me to contact you directly.

Yes, I placed a marker where the side seams would be and did the arm increases on either side of it. It made for some VERY long rows. (All the way across the front, out the length of the sleeve and back, across the back, out the second sleeve and back, and across the second front. VERY long rows!

I think your idea to add additional colors is an excellent one. Try swatching to get a sequence you like. Garter stitch usually looks best if the colors are changed on even rows so that you get solid stripes, not blended color changes.

Hmmmm, thinking a little further I believe it would be best if you kept the stripes in the lower, body portion only. If you attempt to put them higher, in the sleeve section, the stripes will look "bent" as they would travel straight across the body and then down the length of the sleeve (as worn anyway).