Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Novice Weaver At the Loom

The weaving of the "Keep It Simple Towels" from the ebook, "Top Ten Towels On Four Shafts", is going well.....not perfectly, but well enough for my liking. I have a few streaky spots where my beat changed as I varied my technique. I wasn't sure if I should beat while the shed was still open, beat after it was closed, or beat after changing to the next shed. I chose the latter....mainly because it prevented me from packing the weft in too tightly.

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In "real life" it doesn't look nearly so loose and see through as the photo makes it out to be. I am getting the correct number of PPI (picks per inch).

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Oh, and those twisted warps at the back? I have found I can keep moving them back along the warp as I wind the warp forward (I reinserted the lease sticks for that purpose).


dragon knitter said...

cool beans about the twisted warps (i almost said warped twist, where is my mind tonight?). the towels look great. i'm actually thinking about ordering some euroflax and knitting the handtowels from mason dixon knitting for christmas presents

vanessa said...

you make me want to drag the loom out of the garage :-) love the towels!