Monday, May 22, 2006

Shy Sheep Vest DONE

I'm done! After much fleece washing, dyeing, combing, spinning, plying and knitting I have now finished the Shy Sheep Vest. And it was worth every minute. I love it.

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I made a bit of an alteration to Mabel Corlett's pattern. I carried the I-cord edging all around the entire vest rather than stopping at the front points. I think it looks more finished this way.

Pattern: Shy Sheep Vest
Designer: Mabel Corlett
Yarn: hand dyed, hand combed, handspun (click HERE for the dyeing technique)
Started: dyeing, combing and spinning in February 2006, knitting in May 2006
Finished: May 21, 2006


Rabbitch said...

Nice! You did an excellent job. Hope to see it in person!

PJ said...

I'm in love with that sweater!!! I have to hubby just passed by after I clicked on the second pic, and said, "Oh, that is a nice sweater!" ;)

dragon knitter said...

you . . . are . . . amazing! that vest is fantasmagorical! i love how the sheep seem to peek out at different angles. i may have to try this.

Maggie Ann said...

Wow,another wonderful accomplishment and best of all, you get to wear it!!!

Leisel said...

Wow. It looks great on you... and how fun that you did so much of it yourself... processing, dyeing, spinning, knitting. That's just so cool.

Anonymous said...

That is such a flattering style on you - and I love the way the sheep "peek" out. Well done!
Dorothy (Missouri Star)

Jewels said...

Your knitting and spinning are absolute works of art and show the love and care you put into everything you do.
I love your smoke ring collar in your profile pic at the top!!

Dandy said...

the vest looks great and fits you perfectly!! AWSOME!

Angela said...

Very, very nice!

Kat said...

Wow, your vest looks awesome! Or should that be "ewesome" snort snort.

Great, now you've infected me with another project I must make. I'm going to have to stop checking your blog if you keep making such neat stuff! ;-)

Michelle said...

It looks fantastic! What a wonderful job you did all around.

Vicki said...

Nicely done!