Friday, August 18, 2006

Beary Cute

These two cuties were an easy, quick knit. They are modified from the King Cole Ltd pattern "Teddy Bear", Leaflet 2000.

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I managed to get each bear from only one 50g ball of "Sprinkles" (the pattern calls for two) by reducing the needle size and knitting to a tighter gauge. I can't tell you how much tighter my gauge was because it's impossible to see the stitches in this yarn. It was even difficult to see which side of stockinette was the right side! The pattern suggests size 6mm needles. I used 3.75mm but I'm normally a loose knitter who must go down a couple of needles sizes anyway. My bears are 10 inches tall. Knitted at the suggested gauge they would be 12 inches.

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The shaping you see in the faces was done using soft sculpture techniques that would be familiar to doll makers. The actual pattern had only minimal shaping. I thread jointed the limbs so that they are movable. The nose on the mauve bear is needle felted while that on the blue and pink bear is embroidered. I embroidered the eyes on both and sewed the ribbons in place to make the toys child safe.


Paula said...

Those are adorable. A perfect use for that yarn and a perfect size for squeezing and hugging.

I would have done exactly the same thing with regard to the tighter gauge. It keeps the stuffing from fuzzing out through the stitches. My gauge with 6 mm would have been way too loose too.

Beautiful bears. Nice work!

Ashley said...

Those are adorable!

Nicole said...

Very cute. Perfect for two little girls.

Kathy said...

A friend told me about your site & I enjoy checking in to see what u have done. Your work is beautiful & those bears are so cute.

Kathy, BCSocknitters

Kim Guzman said...

Those could not be any cuter! Absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

Very cute bears. Have you seen the fiber trends hedgehog?

BTW, if you are still liking those Suzy Shier tops, the store is having an event on Aug 23 and 24, 15% off everything.

PJ said...

Ok, Ashley took the words right out of my mouth! ...very cute!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh are they adorable!!! You could open an Etsy online shop...ever think of it?

Marlene said...

Maggie Ann, I would never make a good production worker. I enjoy making something ONCE but quickly lose interest doing multiples. If I could just get my pattern writing skills up to snuff I would prefer to design and sell PATTERNS.