Friday, August 04, 2006

Small and Quick

I was visiting a few blogs the other day, clicking links here and there, and I came across a pattern for this:

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Sure, it's "just" a dishcloth, but this is no ordinary dishcloth. This is Criminy Jickets' Garterlac Dishcloth....a cut above the rest. It was fun to knit, not boring like the corner to corner garter stitch ones I have done in the past. I also love what it does for those variegated kitchen cotton yarns out there.

Drop by Dave's blog, Criminy Jickets, and take a look around. It's not boring either. Tell him Wovenflame sent you.

If you get stuck Carol has a photo by photo "map" style tutorial here.


Mary-Heather said...

I just saw this dishcloth myself- I think it looks great. I love the colors you used, such happy, summery tones. Looks like a fun, quick project!

Dave said...

Very nice -- wonderful, cheerful colours!

Nicole said...

Cool! Like a quick version of what I'm already working on - Lady Eleanor's Entrelac Stole

Mewfymewf said...

Thanks for posting this! I was super bored of the all knit (no purl) dishcloths. I totally got stuck until I realized that my version of picking up stitches was different and I should follow their instructions (duh, right?). I've got it 1/4 done so far, so all looks good. :)