Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I'm spending the evening packing for a small vacation to Alberta. One of the first things I've made room for is this:

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It's the beginning of a sweater for my husband. I spun this 2 ply sportweight using dyed Corriedale rovings from Aurelia in a now discontinued colorway named "Hazelnut".

With all the travel time I have ahead of me I should have some significant progress to show when I return next week.


Isabelle said...

Have a good time in Alberta. I was there in 1070 - my friend and I were going round North America and stayed with relatives in Edmonton. It was lovely!

Isabelle said...

No no, I wasn't there in 1070!!! I'm old, but not that old. I meant 1970.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, this sweater is coming along so nicely, I love the colors you've been choosing! Have a wonderful time in beautiful Alberta - and Happy Knitting!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I've seen that Hazelnut spun up - my spinning pal bought some & plied it with Cornflower which is also from Aurelia!! She intends to knit a vest. Its lovely!!!