Monday, August 14, 2006

Miles of Knitting

We're back from Alberta. It's approximately a 12 hour road trip each way. I knit all the way there and most of the way back. I only stopped on the way back because it was getting dark and there were numerous deer in the area. We saw several grazing beside the road. The idea of hitting a deer, having the air bags in the car deploy, and being impaled by my knitting needles was not a pleasant one. I dutifully put the knitting down and fidgeted the rest of the way home.

We took our camera with us on the trip, intending to get a few pictures while visiting with my mom and her husband and then promptly forgot to get it out. On the whole trip we took ONE picture. This is it:

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Funny thing is it was only taken so I could blog about my knitting progress when I returned home. It was taken outside Osoyoos on our first day.

I took another picture today, at home, that shows how much progress I made during the whole trip. I have the back done up to the armholes and the front is also nearly at that point. The pieces are actually wider than they seem in the photo. They are done in ribbing and contract if they are not pinned out. That's actually why I quit knitting the first piece at approximately the length the armhole should start. I need to pin the piece out to it's full width so I can be sure that the length is still sufficient.

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Molly said...

Is that one of the awesome tank tops you are wearing?

Marlene said...

Yes it is Molly. I wore several of them on this trip.

Nicole said...

Good thing you drove instead of flying! Even if it meant a few hours of fidgeting, much better than dealing with all the new regulations. Almost no knitting done on my trip!

Isabelle said...

What beautiful scenery. I'm reading this in a city, in the rain, and your photo looks so nice!