Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My mother-in-law bought me a sheep. (Thanks Jean!) I've named the sheep Eweniss.

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Eweniss making her debut by posing with my handspun merino.

Although Eweniss won't be growing new wooly coats each year for me to spin, she's small, clean, and good natured, and that's enough to assure her a spot of honor in my Playroom (known to some as a "craft room" or "stash room").

Eweniss thinks she would make a good spokes-sheep for my blog.


Paula said...

Hello Eweniss! Welcome to the blogosphere. I am sure you will be an excellent spokesheep. Marlene is lucky to have you.

Mary Heather said...

Hooray for Eweniss. I hope that she and Monkey can be friends!

Nicole said...

So cute! I defintely hope to hear from Eweniss. What's her stand on the shearing process?

PJ said...

Nice to meet Eweniss! Love the travel bag, too!

Eweniss said...

Well thank you for the warm welcome ladies. You're right Paula, Marlene IS lucky to have me. I hope to be that little "extra" her blog was lacking.

Mary Heather, I do hope that Monkey and I can be friends. Do you think being Wovenflame's Official Spokes-sheep would earn me an introduction?

Nicole, I'm of the rare "Acrylic" sheep breed. We Acrylic sheep shudder at the mere thought of being shorn. I'm afraid our first shearing is always our last....if you know what I mean.

Nice to meet you too PJ. Feel free to send your friends on by.

Maggie Ann said...

How pretty...a thoughtful gift!